National Gluten Free Day 2021

Just walking down memory lane on this National GF day- boy have we come a long way ❤️ This was my fb post the day after my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2017. If you’re on You Tube and IG please check out @celiackidcooks

Aug. 21, 2017 : the day it all changed

A little (edit:long) celiacs update:

After that late night emotional post the other night, God gave me the strength to put on my big girl pants and wake up being the mom Addison needed me to be. After church, where the sermon was about being FEARLESS, I piled the kids into a cart and headed, completely unprepared into Lidl. It was a learning experience: not all things are labeled or in a special gluten free section like I had imagined. So, with an over tired toddler in one arm and pushing my cart with the other I left with like 2 boxes of gluten free mac and some fruit. It got us through to today when I made a more educated trip to Trader Joe. I must say, that is the most helpful place in the world. They printed me a list of all gluten free products they carried and told me after I looked it over, they would help me find the products around the store. JACK.POT.

Now the person I am most impressed with through this experience is Addison. I mean blown away by this kid. The first “no” she experienced was at church, no goldfish, no mints, and no donuts. Did she cry? Did she bat an eye? Nope. She asked me if they all had gluten, I said yes and she was fine. CUE LARGE SIGH OF RELIEF.

I’m not naive enough to think it will be smooth sailing from here on out. I know we will have our days, hours, minutes, seconds when self pity, fear, and sadness may creep back in. However, after watching her advocate for herself already, gracefully accepting she can’t have things, and still hearing that shrieking “yay!” that I feared was gone, I have hope and PEACE that everything will be ok.

And a warm and heart felt thank you for all who have reached out. As well as to those who have hooked me up with amazing people who are traveling this journey too. I wasn’t in the space to respond personally to every comment that day. However, please know I read them all and am so touched.

If you are Gluten free- where are you in your journey? Would love to hear from you ❤️

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