This is 40

I’m sitting in bed listening to the sweet breathing of my baby in the co sleeper next to me. In 4 minutes, I will be 40.

Over the hill is the saying, right? You’ve reached your peak and decline is ahead? Depressing…

I view this hill quite differently though. The uphill is the hard work: starter jobs, starter homes, poor choices, life lessons, finding your place.

I don’t feel 40, however the fact that I’m in bed rather than at a swanky club in NYC, makes it glaringly obvious that my 20s have come & gone.

With age you can find your meaning & your voice. I surely have. You work, you save, you make friends, you lose them, you cry, you laugh, you fall, you soar… These things, moments, ups & downs can chip at your innocence & leave you scarred– or they can simply create you. Create a person who reaches her hill and looks forward to taking her feet off the pedals & coasting like a child who has just been liberated from training wheels.

40 is not the new 20, but I’m so glad for that. I had my 20s : fabulous, youthful, and young. No regrets. I had my 30s: beautiful, wholesome, and fruitful- also, no regrets. Now I have my 40s. Another decade to create, live, love, & worship.

Any other 40 year old mamas out there? How have you handled it? What have you learned?

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